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Yogurt and milk are both dairy products, and nutrition is certain. As far as taste is concerned, more people like the sourness and sweetness of yogurt.

In the summer, drinking yogurt can lose weight.

In addition to ready-made yogurt, people with the right conditions can also make yogurt at home. As for how to make homemade yogurt, you can learn about it.


Remove the old yogurt and boxed pure milk.

Wash the inner container of the yogurt machine and sterilize with boiling water.

Pour the boxed pure milk into the pot and heat it to about 40 degrees.

Pour the heated pure milk into a heated container.

Stir 3-4 spoons of old yogurt into pure milk and stir well.

After covering the powder, put it in a yogurt machine and heat it for 8-10 hours. The surface is smooth and agglomerated, and it has a strong flavor of yogurt. The effect is best when it is refrigerated.

There is no sweetness in the old yogurt. It can be eaten after adding sugar or honey. The pineapple and red raspberries are added here. The taste is very good. It is recommended to use 2?
4 Finished.


Pour the milk into a clay pot and heat to a minimum of 40 degrees. (If you don’t have a thermometer, try it with your cleaned and dry fingers. It feels a little warm).

Add yoghurt and stir well. Immediately seal a layer of cling film and wrap it with a thick towel. After standing for 8 hours, remove the towel and move it to the refrigerator for refrigerated storage. You can eat it the next day.


Milk and bacterial powder should be taken out of the refrigerator to return to room temperature in advance; the water tank of the yogurt machine is fully steamed and disinfected; add about 800?
1000ml pure milk; add 1 packet of yogurt fungus powder (1g), gently stir; put in a yogurt machine for constant temperature fermentation for 6-10 hours, until milk is observed to solidify.

The prepared yogurt can be eaten immediately or put in the refrigerator for several hours for better flavor!

When eating, you can also add white sugar or other jams to taste according to personal preference.